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HP Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking (ESSN)

HP Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking (ESSN) delivers the essential technology building blocks that enables data centers to respond quicker and with increased efficiency to changing business demands. HP Converged Infrastructure is the overarching strategy for HP ESSN guiding the research and development of solutions that simplify data center operations while increasing business value. HP Converged Infrastructure provides CIOs a technology blueprint and architecture fordriving innovation in their organizations while making technology a key differentiator for their businesses.

With HP Converged Infrastructure, companies integrate silos of compute, storage,network and facility resources with unified management to deliver a virtualized, highly automated technology environment. HP ESSN is comprised of the following business units that deliver solutions to enable customers to meet their business objectives today and tomorrow:

HP Industry Standard Servers (ISS) delivers the world’s top server platform, HP ProLiant, with premium performance, management and energy efficiency benefits to enable a flexible technology infrastructure. ISS is tasked with helpingcustomers to extend the life span of data center facilities and other capital investments, as well as increase workload output and improve processing speeds. Also offered are HP Scalable Computing & Infrastructure (SCI) products and solutions, customized to meet the unique infrastructure requirements of Web 2.0, high-performance computing (HPC), scale-out and cloud computing customers.


HP Infrastructure Software & Blades delivers the industry’s No. 1 bladed architecture, HP BladeSystem, which provides a simplified, affordable, energy efficient server infrastructure. With HP Insight Software, customers can better manage their hardware investments, ensuring that they get more from every hour, watt, and Ringgit they invest in their technology environment. HPBladeSystem Matrix is the industry’s first all-in-one (server, storage, networking, software and services) platform that allows customers to get the benefits of 2/5 shared services today while preserving existing data center investments.


HP StorageWorks (SWD) delivers data storage products, services and solutions to help customers realize the full benefits of a converged infrastructure. SWD has been a storage leader for over 30 years, delivering solutions that accommodates data growth, are aligned to business applications and are built on open standards. SWD solutions form the foundation of HP Virtual Resource Pools, which are virtualized collections of shared server, storage and networking capacity that can be repurposed to meet application demands on-the-fly.

Desktops & Workstations - Thin Clients

Thin clients are computing devices that function as an access device on a network. These solid-state devices connect over a network to a server where the bulk of the processing takes place. Thin clients have no hard drive, allowing for more secure storage of data and applications on the server. In fact, keystrokes, mouse events and screen images are all that is sent between the client and server. This makes the device much more secure than a standard desktop or notebook computer.

With no hard drive, fan or other moving parts, thin clients have a much longer lifespan than standard computers and use significantly less power. Lower maintenance costs are another benefit as software application updates, virus scanning and patches can be executed on the server. Deployment costs are also reduced as thin clients can be remotely configured and do not need to be set up individually. Break-fix simply requires replacing the thin client.

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