Reduce costs with intelligent
print management software.



Drafts, invoices, meeting transcripts, orders: businesses print everything that's possible with toner. Unfortunately, this important office task is often neglected or completely forgotten during IT architecture planning.

The consequences: degraded application performance due to a heavy load on bandwidth and server resources; a threat to system stability; high online charges for sending print data in WANs and WLANs; and complicated administration in managing printer drivers. For many of today's rather conventional modes like web applications, mobile solutions, hotspots print support is not available  

The solution: clever print management with ThinPrint.print 

.print software boasts a broad range of features that optimize and simplify printing in almost every environment. The core functions of the solution are connection-based bandwidth control and a specially developed print data compression method. These two features deliver an appropriate, user-friendly printing experience, even over economical, low-bandwidth connections, and safeguard application performance in the corporate network. Additionally, thanks to the patented DRIVER FREE PRINTING technology, the complex server-side installation and administration of printer drivers, even when running dedicated print servers, is no longer necessary. Home and satellite office printers can be set up and managed conveniently by remote access. 

These and other features make ThinPrint .print the best tool for minimizing administration and reducing costs. 
  Decrease network traffic 

  Reduce load on application server 

  Lower online costs  

  Correct printed page format, even for web applications 

  Use of economical VPN connections  

  Shorter process times due to direct printing of centrally created documents  

  Stabilize of application performance 

  Simplify administration 

  Use of inexpensive hardware 

  Speed up print rates 

  Decrease toner costs 

  Reuse of existing report systems in the web

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